Pilot Mound Hockey Academy is Your World Class Academic and Hockey Training Facility Created to Maximize Each Students Athletic and Academic Potential!

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy

Academy Mission Statement

To provide a professional, education based hockey program, richly embedded in community values, where players will develop multiple skills both on and off the ice; allowing them to learn life lessons and grow as respected individuals.

Canada, the USA and the World

Students attend the hockey academy from Canada as well as the United States of America and the World! Our facilities provide students with a home away from home and a world class education.

World Class facilities

Our 46,000 Square Foot complex contains a hockey arena, curling rink, and other facilities. Student dorms and recreation areas are well equipped for a solid season of training!

Top Tier Education

Students have a unique combination of a successful, well rounded education at Pilot Mount Collegiate Institute and professional hockey training in an encouraging community!

On Ice Excellence

The many many years of experience from our coaches propel our students to the next level both mentally and physically in a professional environment!

Academy Male and Female Programs

The academy prepares 2 competitive hockey teams and its players in a small town setting. Well educated, well coached, well trained players
becoming successful and embracing the physical and mental preparation necessary in all aspects of life.
Using modern day methods all players will have the opportunity to move up as a result of the efforts of those players and staff together.

U18 Prep Female

U17 Prep Male

Male and Female Goaltending Development

The goaltending development program at Pilot Mound Hockey Academy has been designed to prepare students both physically and mentally as they discover their strength along their goaltending journey.

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Professional Coaching Staff

Top young athletes become the elite with great coaching. Countless years of experience and dedication within our coaches propel PMHA students to the top!

Rick Mcconnell

Head Coach

Ernie Sutherland

AssT. Coach

RoD Collins

Female head coach

Brad platt

Female Asst. Coach

Gord Tumilson

Goalie Coach

Academy Education Program

PMHA is happy to be working with Pilot Mound High School in the Prairie Spirit School Division for the education component of the Pilot Mound Hockey Academy Buffaloes. 

Pilot Mound High School has a proven track record of providing flexible and enriching academic programming for our high caliber hockey players in an academy setting.

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy
  • Grades 10-12
  • September - June
  • Monday to Friday
  • Advanced Diet Plan
  • 70 Minutes On Ice Daily Training
  • Evening Study Hall
Pilot Mound Hockey Academy


At PMHA, we strive to provide our players with the best experience possible. One way we can better ourselves is to hear from you, the parents, the alumni, our supporters. Since our inception, we have heard from you. To better give future families an idea of what the Pilot Mound experience is, here is what our extended family is saying:

“Rod Collins is the perfect choice for new Pilot Mound Hockey Academy.  His knowledge and experience will help top young athletes develop an elite level of skill and competitiveness. I was fortunate enough to have Rod as my first Jr. Coach with the Winkler Flyers and learned how to be a very competitive athlete under him. He expected nothing short of the best everyday and had the edge to make us all mentally tough, which came in very handy throughout my NHL career.  I confidently recommend this program to all young prospects.”


        ED BELFOUR, NHL Hall of Fame Goaltender

“Having Rod Collins for the Pilot Mound Hockey Program is the key that will help kids develop and learn from someone who has years of experience in the boarding school style of hockey development. Rod was like a teacher for me in how to play the game, develop my skill set and be a competitor. In the 17 years of University and professional hockey around the world, I only wish I had been given more time to train under Rod.”



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