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Season Wrap up!

The 2012 AAA Buffalo season has officially come to an end.  The team had a great season and finished first in the 2012 North American Hockey Classic and second in the 2011 Brandon Source for Sports Challenge.  Unfortunately The NAHC Summer Heat tournament was cancelled due to COVID safety concerns.

The 2012 Buffaloes had over 20 hours of practice/skill development and 14 games over the course of the spring/summer season.  
The Buffalo team recently got together with a great windup which included a 3 on 3 game, supper and “free skate time” for all family members.  We sent the boys off to their minor hockey team with their own Buffalo mask.
We are already making plans for next year so be sure to register your child if interested on our website under “program details”.  Development skates will be posted on our website and also to those who register.

Buffaloes will be attending the Summer Heat tournament Aug 28-30

The Pilot Mound AAA Buffaloes travelled to Winnipeg July 17-19 to play in the North American AAA Hockey Classic for the 2010 and 2012 birth year Gold division.

The 2012 took home the gold medal after going undefeated over the whole weekend.  The 2010 team won the bronze medal.

The North American Hockey Classic (NAHC) is known as the premier youth AAA hockey series in North America.  The series (usually played in Spring) is located in Winnipeg, and it provides female and male hockey players to compete against some of the best players from Canada and the United States (although this year due to COVID-19 it was restricted to teams from Western Canada, and Southern Ontario.

The Pilot Mound AAA Buffaloes are a first year program made up of kids from all over Manitoba.  Team members were amazed to see how well the arenas managed, under the new Covid-19 restrictions.   Players, families and everyone involved worked hard to keep the kids and families safe.The Buffaloes will now attend the Regina Classic Aug 6-9 and the Summer Heat Tournament back in Winnipeg Aug 28-30. 

For more information about the program please visit our program page here.