For both Female and Male prep program goalies!

We want to begin moving to the next level immediately beginning with our 1 st all goalie
meeting and practice. Built for both team and personal success. Motivation and Caring!

There are two teams goalies belong to at Pilot Mound Hockey Academy:

A] Most important, the actual 20
member roster team

B] Our goalies only group.

We cover an awful lot. The little things matter too!

– Fun! (STPHF: Stop The Puck Have Fun!)
– Weekly on ice / classroom / video room instruction.
– Home game attendance and in-game instruction / Away game TV or YouTube
review and comment.
– As required [daily / weekly – monitored] social media communication.
– Confidence – Support and review: The emotional, mental and psychological
aspects of the game. We understand where all the parts of the game fit and how
they react together.
– Game preparation.
– Team play responsibilities: who does what, where, when, how and WHY!
No confusion. Everyone on the ice on the same page, at the same time!
– Fitness / Flexibility / Strength / Rest.
– Nutrition.
– Positioning: Stance / Situations / Read and React.
– Saves: By body part / Reflexes / Rebound 3c’s / Equipment.
– Movement: Skating / Sliding / Scrunching 3s’s.
– Personal care: Equipment / Injuries / Illness.
– Life skills: Respect, Cooperation, Team etc. Working with our goalie parents
throughout the season.
– End of season exit review / recommendations.

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy