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Harmony Chicoose: Elite Hockey Captain at PMHA –

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy Provides Opportunities

“Pilot Mound has a great reputation for developing players since their first year” said Harry Mahesh. “Over that time, we have had the opportunity to have many indigenous players on both the female and male roster. Although it was purely unintentional in having the numbers we did early on, it was easy to see the high level of these athletes. It is important to see that all players had earned their spot on the roster. The recruitment of these players has come on the back of the players we have had before them. I think it’s amazing how these kids become role models in their communities and have others aspire to follow in the footsteps or skates in this case.”

“We are proud to be able to create a place for all players to develop and not only players but as people. We have many races and cultural diversity throughout our roster, and having the indigenous players in that environment is a great way to be able to create our own identity as well as having some of our players from abroad and understand the area and community they are moving into. The pride that these players have in their heritage is a great resource and tool to teach the importance of family and teamwork to everyone,” added Harry”

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