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“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”

And here we are in Pilot Mound, where everyone plays a role in doing just that!
Pilot Mound Hockey Academy is pleased to have their staff in place for the 2019-20
season and are proud to be able to introduce PMHA Staff and Board to you.
The ‘TEAM’ boasts a huge overall amount of coaching & managing & support
experience. Coaches young enough to associate with today’s players yet old enough to
have seen it all…! For complete on-ice staff resume’s please visit our website at .
Here’s the on-ice Staff:

  • General Manager: Rod Collins
    Born & raised in Pilot Mound with a BA in Education at Brandon Univ., Rod has
    attained the highest coaching levels in both Canada and the USA. He has coached
    at all levels of minor hockey [AAA to Junior and College] and various
    ‘Academies’ on both sides of the border including Notre Dame Hounds and
    Shattuck St Mary’s.
  • Male Head Coach: Rick McConnell
    Rick enters his 2 nd year as head coach of the male Buffaloes. From and residing in
    Pilot Mound with his family Rick has played for the Winkler Flyers, AAA and
    our senior Pilots. He has developed into a fine head coach while learning his
    trade over 25 years with AAA Pembina Valley and Western AAA Allstars
    amongst others. He is a high level certified in Canada!
  • Male Assistant Coach: Ernie Sutherland
    What hasn’t Ernie done in coaching? 15 years with Winkler Flyers, several times
    guest coach in Sweden and IMG Florida, Hockey Canada ‘POE’ head & assistant
    coach ‘Team West’ and certified to Advanced Level two! Only his enthusiasm
    supersedes his knowledge…!
  • Female Head Coach: Harry Mahesh
    A 7 year pro player in Europe and North America, Harry enters his second year as
    our female head coach and is in his 4 th year of coaching. A forwards specialist, he
    played 3 seasons with the Winker Flyers [captained team]. Harry is also a
    ‘passionate’, certified Hockey Canada coach with aspirations on moving up in
    coaching ranks someday!
  • Female Assistant Coach: Brad Platt
    Brad brings a ton of coaching experience to the defence side of the female team
    development. Brad’s experience comes from having coached throughout
    Manitoba and at all the highest levels AAA, High School AAAAA right to
    Senior. Growing up playing minor hockey in Pilot Mound, Brad experienced
    playing junior hockey with Selkirk and SE Blades of the MJHL. He is another
    highly certified Hockey Canada coach with lots of experience.
  • Goalie Coach [m&f]: Gordie Tumilson
    Our former original WHA Winnipeg Jets 1.0 goalie joined the Buffaloes last year
    as our two team goalie coach. Gordie brings his pro experience and over 40 years
    coaching goalies in our game. He has met the challenge of keeping current with
    goalie styles, while developing unique skills in the mentoring side of the game.
    An original developer of our present Hockey Canada ‘POE’ system, Gordie has
    attained top certified goalie & coach status in Canada!
    Off-Ice Staff::
  • Resident Life Coordinator AKA Dorm Parent: Marcie Toupin:.
    Marcie comes to PMHA with a varied background, grounded in the area of
    Recreation. Marcie grew up in Pilot Mound and has deep passion for mentoring
    the players off the ice. While keeping tabs on the coming and going of the
    Buffaloe herd, Marcie believes in adding to the overall experience of being a
    Buffaloe by planning extracurricular actives like tobogganing, movie nights and
    other exciting group activities.
  • Bus Driver Lovell Stone
    Passionate, loyal, committed are only a few words to describe our main bus
    driver, Lovell. Not only does he get the Buffaloes to their destinations on time and
    safely, he also continues to tweet the results of the game on a goal by goal basis.
    Lovell is able to take most of the long trips and enjoys getting to know the
    players, coaches and parents along the way.
  • Cook Kristal Friesen:
    Kristal has been cooking for the Buffaloes for the past 2 years. She enjoys getting
    to know the players at meal times and also watches out for them as she completes
    her daily tasks. Kristal lives in the rural area of Snowflake.
  • Cook Nathan Froese:
    Nathan moved to Pilot Mound to enjoy the benefits of small town life. Although
    only working the last part of the past season, Nathan quickly made his presence
    felt with the preparing tasty meals and taking time to get to know the players. We
    look forward to getting to know him better.
  • Cooks Assistant: Laura Pritchard:
    Laura was our very own Girl Friday swooping in at the end of the day, her
    happy demeanor was welcomed by the cooks at the end of their day as well as a
    friendly face for the players. Due to health concerns Laura is not yet ready to
    return to duties, the Buffaloes miss having her there and wish her all the best in
    her recovery!
  • Web Site: Dan Trudeau, Dan is the President [and ‘sound’ development gurue]
    for 5 year old Revv Amplifiers, a Winnipeg company he founded and now sells
    the ‘best’ sound all around the free world. Initially as a machine shop millwright
    he developed a keen interest in computers / soft wear / hard wear and the like.
    Subsequently has dipped successfully into website design and marketing!
    Volunteering at it finest moments:
    Although Carson McConnell was a player for the Buffaloes, as well as a Captain,
    Carson has played an invaluable role for the organization for the past 5 years. Pay
    was certainly not the motivator for this 16 year old, who took on the design and
    upkeep of the Pilot Mound Hockey Academy Website. What an incredible job he
    has done for PMHA. We can honestly say we don’t know what we would have
    done without him. How does he instinctually know exactly what needs to be
    done? Whether it is cleaning, organizing before events, ordering Jersey’s or
    designing and posting key information; Carson was the go to guy; usually it was
    already done by Carson prior to the rest thinking of it. A heartfelt thank you goes
    out to Carson for his dedication, passion and commitment to PMHA.

Board of Directors:
In 2015, the idea of having a Hockey Academy come to Pilot Mound was being
promoted; asking for personal community involvement. Elgin Phair, Dennis and
Donna Sutherland, Rod and Linda Collins, Tammas and Lisa Collins, Doug and
Ginger Collins answered the call and put their support fully behind the academy.
We sadly lost our friend Elgin, however the remaining four families of the Board
continue to be involved in actively growing the Academy and have taken on
various roles within the organization. It is their mission to grow the Academy to
the “Best It Can Be; economically impacting the community and the school. while
providing a Pilot Mound Community experience to current and future Buffaloes.
In our next article we’ll announce the team rosters and other key aspects of the teams
reforming for the upcoming season!
The Buffaloes will form-up in Pilot Mound on Sept 2 with a player / parent / team
personnel open house and orientation!