Academy Volunteering

The Pilot Mound Hockey Academy students are regularly connected with community volunteer opportunities. The students are regularly involved in the operation and cleaning
of the complex, assisting with community events and fundraisers; helping out wherever needed on a
regular basis.

PMHA directors/owners are all rooted deeply in the community and feel that volunteerism
builds character and it is just part of being in the Pilot Mound Community; this sentiment is an expectation
of all of the students.

Taking Care Of Our Facility

This is more than hockey or an academy that also expects our students to excel. This about creating young people who care for their communities and each other through respect and a desire for change.

Being a part of regular volunteering in a community like Pilot Mound teaches students that hard work is vital to anything they aspire to become.

Becoming an elite in a sport like hockey demands hard work, dedication and patience. We understand that these traits are created, and volunteering is a great way to forge a champion!

Residents of Pilot Mound volunteer their time to keep our facility in operation and running as smooth as it does. From the zamboni driver to the janitorial services, this hockey academy is the pride of our town!


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