Mission Statement

To provide a professional, education based hockey program, richly embedded in community values, where players will develop multiple skills both on and off the ice; allowing them to learn life lessons and grow as respected individuals.


At Pilot Mound Hockey Academy we truly believe that the real strength of a player comes from the core values they possess.

Its what we believe, and its what we teach!

Integrity and Accountability

  • To acknowledge and assume responsibility for our action and decisions.
  • To develop self-discipline for personal success
  • To be open and willing to learn


  • To promote a true education based hockey program; believing that academics and hockey are both an essential component to successful development of self and others.
  • To develop future leaders emulating competence, character, courage and compassion.


  • To understand the importance of belonging to community and contributing to society in a positive environment.  To learn the positive impact and good citizenship of participating in community events.
  • To provide opportunity to participate in a volunteer role, promoting individual growth and learning.
  • To be good role models within the community.

Teamwork & Respect:

  • To model a high level of respect to yourself and others.
  • To build a positive, supportive team environment, incorporating passion, fairness, determination and fostering strong sportsmanship values.
  • Inspiring the team to be the best they can be, winning and losing with dignity and respect.

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