Education At Pilot Mound Collegiate Institute

PMHA is happy to be working with Pilot Mound High School in the Prairie Spirit School Division for the education component of the Pilot Mound Hockey Academy Buffaloes. 

Pilot Mound High School (PMCI) offers a full range of compulsory and optional courses in the areas of traditional academics, athletics and the arts. In addition, they also offer a full slate of ISO,SDL, and CTS courses for students to further their education in an academic standpoint in and out of school.

Pilot Mound High School has a proven track record of providing flexible and enriching academic programming for our high calibre hockey players in an academy setting:

  • Students will participate in classes thoughout the morning and afternoon and travel to the ice rink after class 
  • Students will be able to earn up to eight credits during each year of the Academy (4 each semester)
  • 30 credits are needed for students to graduate at PMCI
  • PMHA players will receive one (1) hockey academy credit per year of attendance

For more information about Pilot Mound High School or Prairie Spirit School Division please visit their websites.