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PMHA Expands with Male U15 Program

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy is pleased to announce that we have received approval from Hockey Manitoba for the expansion of our Hockey Academy programs.  

The 2021-2022  season will see the addition of a U15 Male team to our current Buffalo Herd. 

With the addition of another 20 players, PMHA dormitories are set to see the previously planned expansion of our living facilities.  A common area, kitchen, and recreational areas will be first on the build and are anticipated to begin this summer.  With the additional 20 students, PMHA may be reaching out to the community for billeting until the new dormitory living accommodations can be completed. Stay tuned for more information on living accommodations for the 2021/22 season.

The U15 team will mean additional students joining grades 8 and 9. PMHA and PSSD are currently working on those logistics from an educational standpoint.  

The additional team will also mean additional ice rentals for PMMRC and we are happy that we have such a tremendous facility to work with and the dressing rooms we have are state of the art. There are current plans to add more Academy dressing rooms this summer. PMHA will continue to use ice rental during the day for the teams as much as possible, as well as games and showcases throughout the year.

It is an exciting time for the development of hockey in Manitoba.  Pilot Mound Hockey Academy looks forward to working with all of their hockey and community partners to bring another opportunity for hockey as well as economic development to our area.  With 60 roster spots in total now available with Pilot Mound Hockey Academy teams, we are very pleased to be taking on this new challenge and moving into the next steps of this new venture. 

For information on the new team please contact Rod Collins @ 1-360-319-3770 or or please visit our website and fill out an application and we will be in contact with you: 

More details will be released when they are available.