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Over at the Black Jack Stewart Arena here in Pilot Mound, our u18 Female team has played the Pembina Valley Hawks this past Sunday in the 1st exhibition game of a busy start for all 3 PMHA teams. In fact, this was the 1st game for a Buffaloes team in almost 10 months. Please check with our website or our local broadcaster ASTV for the score and highlights.

The girls continue the pre-season playing in Pilot Mound on Saturday, Sept 18 vs Central Plains Capitals and Sunday, Sept 19 vs Eastman Selects both @ 2 pm

Our two male teams get started a bit later with our u15ers playing 3 games in 3 days with the 1st on Friday vs The Rink at 3:30 pm in Winnipeg. The boys will then play two games in Pilot Mound over the weekend. On Sat Sept 18 @ 5:30 pm vs the Rink’ and Sunday, Sept 19 @ 5:00 pm against Southwest Cougars.

Our u17 males start up the following weekend with games in Pilot Mound on Sept 25 @ 11 am then in Winnipeg on Sept 26 vs the Rink @ 3:30 pm. More details in the next Sentinel Courier.

These games are the 1st for our male teams since last November as well. These games offer all of our teams a chance to begin the steady process of meshing together to get the best results as we progress during the season. With players from all over Canada and the Northern USA [and Taiwan] our players really have quite an early familiarity obstacle to overcome. Happily, the overcoming always happens with our Buffaloes teams!

Head coaches Rick McConnell u17 male; Brad Platt u18 female; and Kyle Nixon u15 male teams will get a chance to see what theyve got and what adjustments and practice focus will be necessary for the next month or so!

For me and my goalie coach duties, I will get a good look at our goalie’s tendencies, skills, and habits under just a bit of pre-season pressure! I really like who we have in our 7 goalie team group and am excited for them to get going here in 2021/2022!


Well bring you up to date on the weekend’s action with scores and highlights and provide you with a constant schedule of home games. Please remember our home games are all free on ASTV. All details at: GoBuffsGo!!!