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U15 Buffaloes Accepted into CSSHL Prep Division

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy (PMHA) has received the great news!! We are excited to say the least!

PMHA is pleased to announce that we have received notification that the Canadian Sports School Hockey League (CSSHL) Board of Governors has voted to accept PMHA’s newest addition, the U15 Male hockey program, to play in their U15 Prep Division, the highest U15 division in the CSSHL.

This new U15 Buffalo program will see some tough competition; coming up against the 6 U15 Prep teams throughout the Prairies from Edge School, Northern Alberta Xtreme, Notre Dame Hounds, Okanagan Hockey Academy (Edmonton), Prairie Hockey Academy, and the RINK Academy. Also included in this Prep Division are 10 British Columbia teams.

Roster spots are now available; recruitment and signing for this team has begun.

Adding this new team is an exciting venture for the Pilot Mound Hockey Academy. This will add another 20 student athletes to our community and to the school in grades 8 and 9. Also this new team will add another source of rental revenue and new games to watch at PMMRC.

These extra 20 students will need a place to call home, so PMHA is moving to complete their initial goal of building a new dormitory on site. Construction is expected to begin soon and will include a common recreational/dining area, kitchen, dorm parent suites and living accommodations for the student athletes. While our complex is being built, the remaining buildings will remain intact.

PMHA is asking for a little help from the community for billeting and to welcome a student athlete in your home until the dorms can be completed.

If you have room and would like to be a billet family contact Ginger at or call 204-825-7667

As this new building is a large undertaking, construction is expected to take a year.

U17 and U18 Program Update:

The Buffaloes U17 Male and U18 Female program continue to look forward to some game action this season. It is wonderful to be back on the ice and as restrictions lift, we are hoping that we will be able to play a game of two. The CSSHL has extended their season into June, ice has been booked and we are ready. Only the Corona Virus knows for sure if we will see it materialize. In the meantime, the Buffaloes are excited to be developing skills and abilities; becoming closer every day to achieving their goals and dreams that bought them to PMHA. Junior and College interest has been keen. Many of our Female student-athletes have committed to Universities throughout Canada and the USA. Junior tryouts and scouting are beginning and our male players are heading off to camps in April, May, and June.

There are a number of our Buffaloes heading toward graduation in June, therefore leaving a few openings on the Roster for both our U17 Male and U18 Female programs. Recruitment is in full force to fill those spots.

Student Athletes interested in becoming a Buffalo and joining any of our three programs, are invited to visit our website to register at via applications.

Or contact Rod Collins at , 360-319-3770

Exciting times on the horizon for Pilot Mound Hockey Academy. A huge thank you to the community for your continued support over the last 6 years.

As always, PMHA is proud to make Pilot Mound home for all of our past, present and future Buffaloes!

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