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College Hockey Recruitment Guide 2020

Professional hockey and the NHL are a part of every young players dream. Along the journey there are many unknowns and some incredible competition. 

College hockey recruitment is a huge accomplishment, but most people don’t know much about what is required to get there.

If you happen to be one of them, this guide will help you understand a few key components to college hockey recruitment. Keep reading.

Just How Competitive Is Recruitment?

We all know that getting to the top flight in any sport can be difficult, and hockey is no exception. Studies show that out of 30,000 youth hockey players, only 26 of them are able to make it to the top-rated NHL. 

This statistically suggests that one out of every 1000 players have a shot at making it to the highest level.

Fortunately, it is a bit easier to become a college hockey player than to be skating with an NHL team. But being recruited to college hockey still requires players to be exceptional in many areas.

And some of those areas have nothing to do with hockey. 

There are many players who have dedicated themselves to excellence in a lot of these areas. Players who have been working very hard and are being scouted by college coaches every year.

Anyone that wants to go up against the competition will need to be just as devoted.

College Hockey Recruitment

What Are Colleges Looking for In Recruits?

Being a great player is only a part of what college coaches are looking for in new recruits. There are only so many spots available annually for new players. 

As a result, there are other things they take into consideration when scouting new players. 

And some of them might be things you had never considered.

Off Ice Considerations


Ensure that you do not allow your grades to prevent you from being part of the college hockey program. A strong grade is an essential factor that can pave the way for you.

College coaches always try to recruit intelligent and creative minds because they are needed for the success of the team.

So, the stronger your grades, the better your chances are at college hockey recruitment.


With the competitiveness of college hockey recruitment, an outstanding character could better your chances of being selected. The character of the athlete plays a big role while he is on the ice.

Schools always try to be sure that they are not recruiting only good players; they believe that their players should be good even when they are off the ice.

Getting to know your character can sometimes be done by reaching out to your former and current coaches.

Inquiries about your attitude, character, work ethics, and ability to overcome adversities are made. If you get a good recommendation, your chances increase.

Social Media

Your social media posts could determine whether or not you will be recruited, so we advise that you always mind what you upload on the Internet.

Since the selection time is always limited, many coaches go to your social media pages to evaluate your character and attitude.

Coaches believe that your online behavior has a way of telling if you have a positive or negative character.

This means you need to be smart about how you portray yourself online.

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On Ice Considerations

Skill Level

On ice skills are considered for every player being scouted by a coach. But the primary skill is skating. If you are very good at skating, then the rest of the game will come easier. 

Good skaters will be stronger at winning races to the puck, corner battles and will normally be in better positions. So work on starting and stopping, turning and crossover and control on your skates.

Handling the puck as well as passing and receiving are also important skills. Evaluations are normally done with how a player can control and shoot the puck.

A well rounded player will be considered for these skills as well as offensive and defensive tactics. Consider where you are as a player overall and take the steps necessary to improve your skills.


Attitude is a major consideration factor in recruitment. As a team player, coaches are very concerned about the attitude of their players. 

Having respect for your teammates, work very hard and help out where you can. If this doesn’t come natural to you, working it out will help for the long term both on and off the ice.

Simple things like skating hard when heading back to the bench. If you’re dragging your heels, coaches will notice this. Always give your maximum effort and bring a professional attitude.


No i don’t mean for the NHL!

Are you prepared when you arrive to a practice, a game or a try out? Do you have your skates sharpened? All your gear is present? 

Are you ready to play with a professional attitude and give it all you got?

A coach that is scouting a player will look into how prepared they are overall. A player who is not prepared most of the time will only hold back their team.

This can be very frustrating.

Make sure you are always prepared, have all that you need and are ready to give it all you have all of the time.

Can A Hockey Academy Help With College Hockey Recruitment?


College coaches know that hockey prep schools produce players that can make a serious impact at their level.

Not only will students get access to professional coaching and education, but most college coaches rely heavily on hockey academies. 

Pilot Mound hockey academy gives students the opportunity to become high quality players with real character! The coaches and staff at the academy also have reputations known to scouts and so they come looking for players.

A hockey academy is a great way to become a player that college coaches and scouts are looking for.

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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College Hockey Recruitment FAQ

Do You Have To Play Junior Hockey To Play College Hockey?

While there is no minimum to be considered for college hockey, it is very hard to get scouted or noticed if you are not actively playing senior high school or junior hockey.

With so many players enrolled in prep schools working on their skills and talents, college coaches are more likely to recruit there.

A players best opportunity would be to become part of a hockey academy where they are going to get great coaching and an opportunity to get noticed.

What Is Prep School Hockey?

A hockey prep school is a boarding school that provides hockey training as well as academic education.

Prep schools are structured to allow students to find excellent education but also a disciplined schedule to become great hockey players.

Students that attend the school live in the dorms with fellow male or female students.Working closely with their coaches and teachers, students are given the opportunity to develop and excel.