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Hockey Prep School Definitive Guide 2020

Many of the top NHL players have benefitted from Hockey Academies and Hockey Boarding Schools.

Superstar players like Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews developed skill and dedication through a Hockey prep school program.

Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureaux are hockey prep school grads in women’s hockey.

It is no wonder why many parents and students consider a hockey academy.

The skill and personal development future greats will acquire from a hockey prep school is huge! Not to mention the opportunities to be seen by top scouts and potential doors opened to college hockey.

So Whats Holding You back?

The cost of the program and the fact that the student will spend the season on campus in the dorms? Yes, and these are the most commom concerns among players and their familes.

Both very valid. And it is no doubt the main concerns the current NHL superstars experienced when they made the decisions, with their families.

Dedicating themselves to growth and development in their sport and future was more than likely very difficult.

So in this article we would like to explore what it means to become a student at a hockey prep school like Pilot Mound Hockey Academy. And what it means to the development of an athlete.

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy

Great Academics and Great Hockey

A decision to enroll and attend a hockey academy is a decision to grow in discipline.

The demand to excel in both academics and as an athlete will require some real devotion.

Hockey prep school programs have been crafted to offer above average education as well as professional coaching and some great hockey!

Pilot Mound Hockey Academy for example, has designed male and female programs to allow students the time to accomplish both.

Many games are road games and require players to miss days of academics only to be made up later on as part of the program.

Teachers devoted to the education of these students at PMHA make it possible to excel.

Academics and Athletics

The great thing about academics and athletics working side by side is that it has a very beneficial effect on learning.

The drive to succeed when cooperating as a team develops cooperating with others and learning self discipline.

Both of which shape a young person to develop great morals and social development but also a better teammate and athlete.

This in turn creates athletes who excel in the game they love to play while getting a great education at the same time.


Hockey Prep Schools Developing Young Men and Women

Working as part of a team and living with others on campus is a great opportunity.

The dedication that each student is required to bring day in and day out is strengthened when living with others who possess the same drive to excel.

This commitment to their team and the social aspect is enhanced by their participation in hockey.

Academies like PMHA also teach students to possess positive core moral values.

Integrity and respect in a community develops character in a young person. Traits that stay with a person as they grow and develop.

It isn’t just about hockey, it is about developing strong men and women through amazing life experiences!

Hockey Prep School

Hockey Prep School Makes Better Use Of Time

A hockey prep school program is created to give the student the time to achieve all that is possible day to day.

This also relieves the parents from evening and weekend practices or games.

No adjusted work schedules or evening practices that could potentially interfere with the students development. 

This in turn provides the student with a solid routine allowing them progress further, faster.

Future Opportunities

Hockey Prep schools are one of the main ways college hockey scouts find players.

The ability to move onto hockey in college years is a great opportunity. 

College coaches know that hockey academies produce players that make an impact and are the type of people they are looking for.

Not only for their athletic abilities but also because they possess some real quality morals and personal strengths.

How can We Help?

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and has offered some insight into a hockey prep school.

The largest hurdle is getting started. But if you are ready to move forward and want to excel, Pilot Mound Hockey Academy has programs designed to get you there. Are you ready?

We would love to connect with you should you have any questions that were not covered here.

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